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Space Precision delivers the perfect space mechanism solution no matter the mass, volume, functional, or environmental constraints of an application. We deploy decades of expertise delivering custom mechanisms in accelerated timeframes, focusing on system-level efficiencies and design precision.

Our systems are designed to meet the specific needs of a spacecraft. Our approach is to space-qualify core building blocks – drivetrains, seals, and joints – and form them into custom precision systems (ex: robotic arms, multi-DOF gimbals, pressure control valves). The technical focus is always system efficiency, accuracy, and lifespan.

Precision Gimbals

Precision Gimbals

High accuracy, high resolution pointing mechanisms for antennas, solar panels, and optics.

Designed for survivability. Optional built-in avionics and HDRMs.
Leak-Resistant Valves

Leak-Resistant Valves

Dynamic flow and pressure control valves with fault-detection as a function. Uses patent-pending, triple+ redundancy, non-leak seal technology.

Customizable to volume, mass, and pressure requirements.
Space Mechanisms

Space Mechanisms

Control moment gyros, rover platforms, robotic joints, compact telescoping arms for a variety of motion, control, and deployment applications.

Designed to meet the needs of your spacecraft.


Space Precision Systems (“SPS”) is based in Pittsburgh, PA. SPS provides customization without the risks, costs, and lead times typically associated with new space developments.

We meet tight procurement schedules, and highly value quality project management and proactive communication with our commercial and government customers.

The team tests and incorporates state-of-the-art mechanism and manufacturing technologies into our designs, and has a history of early adoption of now-standard components. We have deep expertise with mechanical design and systems engineering across ruggedized, regulated industries (space, defense, industrial, and medical).

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